So today I got some climbing into my workout and I completed S1E6 of Zombies, Run! app. Firstly, I have successfully evaded 4 zombie mobs. Take that, dumb pedometer! Secondly, I have serious issues with Runner 8. She is absolutely intolerable. Every time she is joining in, I am just waiting for her to flip on me. Also her whole “I don’t trust you but I will act like you’re stupid and won’t notice it” attitude is annoying.
I understand she has her tragic backstory with her family dying yet I don’t feel any compassion towards that because of the way she treats Runner 5. By the way, coughing of Runner 8 might be connected with that vaccine she was given at the military base. Hopefully she will turn into zombie so she stops her whole annoying suspicions and innuendos agenda.
I love the fact that Sam is completely unaware of the little tension that is going on with Runner 5 and 8
Feel free to add me to your ZombieLink. My username is same as here. I will definitely friend you back :)

And so it begins. 

*laughs evilly*

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Iron Zombies! After Dark Roundup!

Thankyou so much to everyone who came and took part in the Iron Zombies rounds! I’m glad everyone had a fun time! Below we have the roundup of works created for the challenge! I have marked what is NSFW, but please check whatever warnings the author has put on the fics before reading.

As usual, if I’ve missed something, let me know and I will add it, and similarly, if I’ve included something you’d rather not, let me know and I’ll take it down.

Home by samyaoza-and-sportsbras (Spoilers up to S3M46)

It’s Always a Long Night With You by mostlyvoidpartiallystars

Making Friends by straydog733 (NSFW, Spoilers up to S3M49)

You can blow what’s left of my right mind by samyaos (Spoilers up to S3M38 in the tags, not in the graphic)

Chained by tedanaxe (Spoilers for S2M39)

Fear of Falling by zalia (NSFW, spoilers for Simon’s backstory)

I Hear Hurricanes by crownleys (Spoilers for S3M44-46)

Unacceptable Mess by enduringthemoths

Can’t Stop It by scorchedpoet

A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” (Part 1)

A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” (Part 2) by thischarmingshameblog (SO NSFW)

Falling For You by i-am-runner-five 

Jackoala by tiresias66

Over The Threshold by raise-the-gates

I’ve Seen My End (And I’ve Lost My Way) by songforalonggoodbye

This is Why We Have Rules by lindleytriestowritethings

Just Lean on Me by tedanaxe

Listen to Me by scorchedpoet

Hollow Grind by straydog733 (NSFW)

That Night by scorchedpoet

Sympatico by scorchedpoet

He Stayed by lindleytriestowritethings

Iron Zombies! After Dark

The final bout of Iron Zombies! After Dark begins in about an hour at Sunday 3am (Monday) GMT/7pm PST/10pm EST/Noon Sydney

Come and join us!

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Iron Zombies! After Dark

The next round of Iron Zombies! After Dark begins in about an hour at Sunday Midnight GMT/4pm PST/7pm EST/9am Sydney

Come and join us!

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[Iron Zombies] Fear of Falling

Written for Iron Zombies! After Dark

Title: Fear of Falling

Pairing: Sara/Simon

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Pegging, breathplay, strangulation, really unsafe sex. Did I mention porn?

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Iron Zombies! After Dark!

The next bout of Iron Zombies! After Dark, begins in about 45 minutes!!! Sunday 9pm GMT/1pm PST/4pm EST/6am Sydney

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(for those wondering, I did in fact fall asleep on my laptop last night. And then Automatic Updates happened XD)

Iron Zombies After Dark

Hi guys! The 3rd round of Iron Zombies! begins in about 45 minutes!  at Saturday/Sunday Midnight GMT/4pm PST/7pm EST/9am Sydney

Come and join us!

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WIP: Eugene/Jack Spaceship AU


For zalia  from her prompt

So, radio boyfriends fic where one of them is a starship captain, and the other is actually the ship. Like either the AI or they used to be human, but they were wired into the ship to become it’s ‘soul’/AI dealie. And slowly they fall in love.

Posting as I go to try an force me to keep it up! Obviously not edited or polished yet. I don’t even have a working title! When its nearer complete I’ll stick it on AO3.


Let me share a truth with you

Music will always be with us. The state can try to ban all but its sanctioned songs and bland music groups, yet there will always be people out there who will continue to make their own music. Long passed down lullabies sung sotto voiced to a sleepy child, passionate protest songs shared daringly in basements. Or sometimes the joy of music just made for dancing to - or in this case also getting totally off your face on illegal drugs to. This is how I met Jack.

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Yessss <3<3<3<3<3 Precious boys.

Iron Zombies! After Dark

Hi guys! Round 2 of Iron Zombies begins in about an hour!

Saturday: 9pm GMT /1pm PST/4pm EST/6am Sydney


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I’m gonna eat you out. But for science