I went to York this weekend and it was really great!

Glad you had a good time ^^ Was great to see you again!

(One of us! one of us! XD)

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So tired, but I’m back. I did the thing today and spent money. We went to an amazing ‘liquid deli’. It had these big glass containers of alcoholic drinks (flavoured oils and vinegars too, but we weren’t interested in those) that they decant. They also offered us taste tests :D this was mid morning after breakfast

I tried and bought some Eau de Vie (he asked me was I sure and did I know it was a spirit YES now gimme I’m 30 ffs) and also bought chocolate orange liqueur. Both in cute 100ml bottles. Then another dude gave us their new limoncello to try. It was delicious *_* if I hadn’t already paid… but given that they refill your bottles once bought, that can be for next time…

BUT my main purchase was in a comic shop where I found and grabbed the first Dragon Age RPG set that I’d looked for last time. Enabled by my good friends of course.

Now I’ll stop being irresponsible and spend the rest of the week moping over my dissertation…

All the booze :D 

That Limoncello was really really good. Damn.






thewondersmith replied to your post“I don’t know why but I’ve spent the past week like Ace Phil Cheeseman…”


Daaaaamn this is interesting, and I would love having the rest of that post in my eyeballs!

Agreed. I would very much enjoy this post.


AAAAAND that’s the last of the interesting radio boyfriend fics. It’s such a shame the fandom is so small *pouts*

Hey, I don’t know if you’ve seen it or if this is what you’ve been using, but we have a whole Delicious Index of fic here which has a tonne of Radio Boyfriends fic if you look up the tags. 

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Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.

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I would like to argue a point.

People want John Constantine to be openly bisexual because they want bisexual representation in the media.

Is this really the character you want to push to back your cause?

I think an interesting perspective would be to think how the character would respond to people aggressively arguing about their sexuality being broadcast to the public.

Do you know what happens at any point when someone has put their cause behind John Constantine? They either end up dead, betrayed, dragged into hell, or he just fucking walks away and says “Not my problem.”

I’m not saying John would be in any way embarrassed at the thought of people knowing but I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy about social justice warriors trying to use him as a poster boy for their cause.

Friendly reminder that John was a punk bisexual rebel rocker in his 20’s and mobilized rebellion when it was to take down the UK conservatives.

Like literally, in Hellblazer, Thatcher’s government and the capitalist economy was blamed on Satan and demons. Literally. Not even joking.

He would give fucks.

He would give many fucks.

Because everytime it’s his entire world view that’s at risk for destruction, he saves the day.

That and he also was with a group of New Age Travellers when they were attacked by police, in a not so veiled reference to The Battle of the Bean Field.

Hellblazer, and John Constantine, have always been political  - whether that be Tories-as-Hellspawn, or homelessness and AIDS issues. Let’s not forget the nuclear power issues either.

John is ‘blue collar’. He’s the working man’s magus. The common man’s magician who gives two fingers to the Powers That Be. He’s not a hero, he’s just a bloke trying to get by in a world of gods and monsters, human and inhuman.

As someone who lived through the Thatcher years and is currently getting fucked over with thousands of other poor and vulnerable people and minorities by a Tory (Thatcher’s party) led Coalition in Britain, the representation issue is massive.

You know why? Because John’s like a huge chunk of us Brits. Same with Gemma, his niece. He’s ourseven and especially when he’s on US soil.

I’m sure Hiddleston and Cumberbatch are great with their good looks and accents and all, but fuck me if 90% of us are scruffy fuckers with bad habits, problems with authority and the like, as well as sexualities which are not heteronormative.

And before people start complaining he’s a white guy I’d advise you to watch Idris Elba in LUTHER and see the similarites between him and John. Then, maybe just maybe you’ll get to see why he’s loved so, and why a shittone of us want this imperfect arrogant bastard done right, this fellow who steps out of the shadows and says of magick "[that] any cunt could do it."

So yes, in his 30 year comic history, he may have only had a few men as boyfriends, but so bloody what - he had them and he gave a fuck about what politics does to people.

And if anyone wants to argue different, you can piss the hell off.

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question for the runner 5’s

is ‘Back Once Again’ (S2) the immediately following sequel to the last season 1 mission ‘Aftermath’? the app is confusing me and I don’t want to spoil anything for myself….

It is! There is however a gap of a few weeks between the end of S1 and the start of S2 so things might seem a little confusing.

It’s also helpful for you to do the race missions if you can. They fill in a lot of information pertinent to S2 and take place towards the end of S2 (but before M21)

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So apparently the new Constantine isn’t going to be bisexual or a total fiend for cigarettes, but hey at least they managed to make him blond this time? That’s a brave creative choice there, guys. There is so much about this article that just gets on my pecs that I already ranted about it on Twitter, but I still have more than enough froth to lay it all out in long form too.

I really don’t give t…

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I got an interview for my MA application.

Now I just need to figure out how to get there. And start worrying about like… paying for it again. And whether I’m making a horrible mistake? Then again, it’s not like I am replete with awesome jobs here. 

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